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» Category: Kabbalah - 16 Search results

Bahir by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, of blessed memory, has accomplished much in the field of Judaic studies during his lifetime. By far the most amazing are his Kabbalistic works, like this, the Bahir. The Bahir is one of the oldest texts of the Kabbalah.

Call to the Infinite

By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

Chassidic Dimensions

Themes in Chassidic Thought and Practice (Mystical Dimension, Vol. 3. Jewish mysticism has long fascinated and intrigued scholars and truth-seekers of every kind. Kabbalah, the esoteric wisdom of Judaism, and chasidism, its more accessible modern counterpart, have been the sublect of endless study and research.

Encounters by Aryeh Kaplan

A masterful author, Rabbi Kaplan record his thoughts about life and spirituality. He delves into the essence of the human being as he asks the thought provoking question, `what is the essence of the human being?` Is it the heart? Then is a person with a heart transplant no longer himself! The same argument can be made with the brain- If science manages to accomplish that feat. Rabbi Kaplan concludes with the Jewish tradition of the soul.

Immortality, Resurrection and the Age of the Universe

A Kabbalistic View. This small, well-written book contains a collection of essays on important topics in Judaism by one of the most prolific and profound Orthodox Jewish writers of our century. Aryeh Kaplan was a first-rank scholar who was familiar with all phases of Jewish knowledge, and was also trained in physics.

Meditation and Kabbalah by Aryeh Kaplan

Areyh Kaplan is the single most athoritative writer on the Kabbalah today.

Meditation and the Bible

As with all things that help us to grow, wisdom and self-discipline are the keys. Meditation and the Bible, provides the foundation and Rabbi Kaplan`s Jewish Meditation provides the exercises. As Rabbi Wayne Dosick said in his book, Living Judaism, meditation is wisdom. And, I certainly agree.

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