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» Category: Hanukkah - 15 Search results

CD -Chanukah Favorites - Judy Caplan Ginsburgh

Chanukah Favorites, by award-winning Jewish performer, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, contains essential traditional Chanukah melodies and new Chanukah songs which will delight Jewish families and make a welcome addition to their joyous celebrations of Chanukah.

CD- Reggae Chanukah - Alan Eder and Friends

Woe zo, shalom, and welcome to Reggae Chanukah: Where drum-laden groove music of African origin and inspiration underscores well-loved songs for the `stand up for your rights` holiday of Chanukah.

Hanukkah Tales & Tunes / Miracles & Wonders

Celebrate Hanukkah with song, story, and puppetry. This 159-minute DVD features a 30-minute video program and an audio-only program by Debbie Friedman. In the video portion, `Hanukkah Tales & Tunes` K.J. the puppet wants to learn about Hanukkah.

Lamb Chop`s Chanukah & Passover Surprise

Lamb Chop`s Chanukah and Shari`s Passover Surprise are both entertaining, hysterical masterpieces. Shari Lewis outdid herself in these two splendid works in which she incorporates the story behind these two very special holidays among song, dance, special guest stars, and brilliant comedy. Your family will be in uproarious laughter as you see Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse, and Hush Puppy`s antics.

Oy Chanukah! - Klezmer Conservatory Band

Oy Chanukah! is vigorously entertaining and always instructive, with lively musical pieces interspersed with stories and explanations of Chanukah traditions and memories from a host of sources. And as the liner notes illustrate, the expression `oy!` like klezmer music itself--can be `a lament, a protest, a cry of dismay, a reflex of delight.`

The Lights of Hanukkah

THE LIGHTS OF HANUKKAH is a Hanukkah song for the holiday season. The lyrics speak of love, peace, the joys of family life, and a wonderful miracle. Although there was only enough oil to keep the light burning for one day, a miracle happened, and the lights burned for eight days! Today, in celebration of that miracle, we light candles on each of the eight nights of the holiday.

To Life! Songs Of Chanukah and Other Jewish Celebrations

A perfect assortment of songs. These renditions are rich and full-bodied. The performers and performances are top-notch. Enjoyable for children and adults. Hava Nagila includes English stanzas that I had never heard before and are beautiful. Theodore Bikel has a marvelous voice. The Ladina Chanukah song in Spanish is a treat. Nell Carter`s `Rock of Ages` is unique, memorable, and powerful.

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